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Our processes always have a watchful eye on the quality of the finished product, which allows us to satisfy ours and to comply with the regulations of the company certifications we possess. 

Quality to yours 

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Our company has quality certifications that attest to the quality of our treatments.



Our company has an internal laboratory dedicated to quality control of each process. We carry out tests both for our internal process controls and to develop ad hoc reports for the customer. The measurement of the thickness of the surface coating is carried out using the following instruments: Fisher X-RAY , Fisher Deltascope and Fisher Phascope .


These measurements are carried out both during the process and in the quality control phase before delivery. Corrosion resistance tests in a salt mist chamber are also carried out both to monitor the effectiveness of the processes and to perform tests on customer request.


The quality of the company finds value in the performance and results of the components treated in terms of protection and durability.  

But the perfection of our work is also sought in continuous improvement processes.

A commitment, also recognized by the achievement of important certifications .

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